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The at100 vehicle tracking device boasts the finest technology in vehicle tracking. Its specifications will leave its users very satisfied.

With input from leaders in the fleet management application service, this unit is flawless.


  • Discreet and compact
  • Minimum power usage, preventing loss of battery
  • Wide DC power input
  • Internal back up battery
  • World wide compatibility through Quad band GSM/GPRS modem
  • GPRS / SMS
  • GPS NMEA serial port
  • GPS and GSM status LED's
  • User configuration is very simple
  • GPRS or SMS remote diagnostics
  • Firmware updates are live
  • x6 digital inputs
  • analogue input
  • On-board power management
  • On-board zone alarm functions including London Congestion Zone
  • Modular plug-in solutions
  • Pass through data mode
  • Intelligent reporting



Intelligent reporting will leave you amazed.

  • Real time reporting
  • Distance
  • Maximum speed
  • Maximum acceleration
  • Maximum deceleration
  • Idle time
  • Location
  • Heading location
  • Maps
  • Archived journeys

Through an application service provider (ASP) You are able to access data anywhere you have an internet connection. You do not need any special software.


An ASP enables you to use the data that's the tracking device sends in simple user friendly format. You can see vehicle locations on a maps or create detailed reports.

The vehicle tracker sends data about location and status of a vehicle (or device) to a computer server where you can pick up your data.

AT100 Tracking Device


at100 vehicle tracker

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