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Fleet management with vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking uses an electronic device placed inside the vehicle to track the location of the vehicle. A tracking device can also collect other information. The device can be traced at another location using software loaded onto a laptop, PC, tablet or handheld device.

Most vehicle tracking is used by business heavily dependent on their vehicles such as logistics and, haulage firms, couriers, and security companies.

The goal of these systems is to micro monitor the movements of vehicles and drivers. Ultimately these devices can have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line.

There are five main benefits of employing vehicle tracking for fleet management:

It obviously improves the safety of drivers since the whereabouts of vehicles is known at all times. This is particularly useful for companies involved in security or for jobs where the driver stays in his vehicle overnight.

Job Assignment
When real time tracking is used it lets management roster assignments efficiently.


Driver Behaviour
Allows management to monitor and manage the behaviour of drivers. This includes whether they take appropriate rest periods – required by law and the routes taken.

Vehicle Speed

Monitor vehicle speeds to ensure drivers comply with driving regulations. This is useful even I vehicles are fitted with limiters

Monitor Fuel Efficiencies and Vehicle Wear and Tear

Driver information on fuel economy can help drive down costs.  Fuel economy isn’t just a question of the choice of route but also driver breaking and accelerating. With record fuel prices this is an increasingly important role for fleet management. This also has an impact on vehicle wear and tear..
As these benefits suggest, investment in vehicle tracking can only be realised if the system is used to its full potential. Management must act on the information provided.  This must include giving driver feedback and training. Ultimately any gains made are down to fleet management!

AT100 Tracking Device


at100 vehicle tracker

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